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Enfield Learning Trust

Admissions Information


The school's two sites enrol new children into nursery and reception each September. For September 2019, we have offered 60 part-time nursery places, which are located at the New Southgate site. In reception we have offered 60 pupil places at Bowes New Southgate and 30 pupil places at Bowes Southgate Green.

Nursery - Academic year 2020-21

Should there be a demand for 30 hour nursery places in our local area, we will be able to offer both part-time (15 hours) and full-time (30 hours) nursery places at Bowes New Southgate. We will consider the number of full and part-time places we can offer once we receive all applications. 

Reception - Academic year 2020-21

We will be able to offer 60 reception places at Bowes New Southgate and 30 reception places at Bowes Southgate Green.  Please note that Bowes Southgate Green remains a temporary site. The school are in the process of securing an imminent five year lease. We are continuing to explore with Broomfield School a further extension to the lease and there are ongoing discussions with the DfE to try and secure a long term solution. 


The school admissions policy is in line with the London Borough of Enfield procedures. Admissions criteria for September 2019 can be found in the 'Applying for a Primary School - Enfield' booklet below (2020 booklet will be available here as soon as it is published). 

Nursery and reception admissions for September 2020 have now closed and offers have been made. Admissions for a September 2021 start will open in the Autumn Term 2020. All applications need to be completed online at or The closing date for applications is normally on or around 15th January every year.


Our School Appeals Guidance and Appeals Forms are available to download below. 

In-Year Applications

If you move into Enfield and require a school place for your child, you need to complete an 'in-year' application form to apply for a place. You will also need to complete this form if you want to request a school transfer for your child. The form can be downloaded below and used to apply for schools both within and outside of Enfield.

This form can only be completed by parents/carers who live in the London Borough of Enfield. If you live outside the London Borough of Enfield, you must contact your own local authority to ask for the relevant application form. You should return the completed form, together with documentation to confirm the child's date of birth to the following address:


London Borough of Enfield
PO Box 56, Civic Centre
Silver Street, Enfield